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How to make a Pocket PC installable .cab file.

After creating a Pocket PC application in Visual Studio 2008 (at least this is the version I use, and if you use another version these instructions might not be correct) you wish to make a .cab file for distribution. I'm using CF 3.5 for developing my app. Some files might differ if you use an earlier version.


  1. File / New / Project.
  2. Other Project Types / Setup and Deployment / Smart Device CAB Project (Use option "Add to solution").
  3. Right click the new project and choose "Add" / "Project Output".
  4. Choose "Primary output" and make sure your main project is selected in the list.
  5. Select your CAB project and click the button (top row in the "Solution Explorer") called "File System Editor".
  6. Right click the "File System on Target machine" and choose "Add special folder" / "Programs Folder".
  7. Select this new folder and right click in the empty window to the right.
  8. Choose "Create new shortcut".
  9. Application Folder - Primary output from ProjectName(Active)
  10. Rename this to something friendly.
  11. In the "Solution Explorer", this time click the button "Registry Editor".
  12. Under HKLM, create new keys until you have the following structure: \Software\Mobile Practices\ProjectName
  13. Right click in the empty window to the right and choose "New" / "String Value".
  14. Set this string value to version "1.0" for example.
  15. Finally you might want to set your name and company at the cab. You do this by selecting the CAB project and setting these names in the properties window.
  16. Done, the CAB is now located in your debug folder.

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