Posted  12 Oct 2008 - 18:55:45

Category: Windows

Internet sluggish using several routers

If you have two routers connected to each other, you might experience problem with speed on the network.

In my case I had the modem hooked up to the first router. To this router I had some clients connected using TP cables. To cover another area of the house another cable was going from the fist router to the second one that provided some more clients with internet access using TP and WiFi. Both routers used DHCP servers to provide their clients with IP addresses.

Suddenly, internet was very slow for clients using the first router. Usually the first request would load but never a second etc. Completely unusable.

Connect the cable from the first router to the second router to a NON-WAN port just like any other client and disable the DHCP server on the secondary router. This will make ALL clients use the first router as DHCP provider and the secondary router will be more of a network hub. This soved the speed issues I had this time around. It also feels like a cleaner setup.


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