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NAV: Define the variable under 'Global C/AL symbols'.

When using a function from another codeunit in Navision you get the error message:

You have specified an unknown variable.
Define the variable under 'Global C/AL symbols'.

Normally this is the case, you don't have the function defined. In some cases (mine) this happens because your function in the other codeunit is not declared as public. Here is how you do it:

  1. Open the code of the codeunit where the external function resides.
  2. Go to View / Globals.
  3. Click Functions
  4. Select the function and press "Shift + F4" to bring up the properties.
  5. Set "Local" to "No".
  6. Close all code windows and open the calling codeunits code again and try calling the external function again.

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what the spep 1....Ecternal function? othe steps are ok..Plz explin

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