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Stream SopCast to VLC locally

You might want to stream video from SopCast to VLC because SopCast might not have the codecs that the stream requires, or you just like VLC better and don't want to see ads.


  1. Start the stream in SopCast.
  2. Hide the streaming viewer window if you like and mute the sound.
  3. Open VLC and go File / Open Network.
  4. Paste the following into the address field: http://localhost:8902

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5/23/2010 3:26:10 AM  ben nguyen  wrote:

Can a vlc or sopcast stream be accessed via a filename real-time? For example, if you want to play the streaming video on a media set top box, it requires a file to access from a shared folder... it won't play http://localhost:8902 I know you can record the stream to a file in sopcast, but you must stop that recording before it can be opened by another program.

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