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Start multiple calculators in Mac OS X

You want to start multiple calculators in Mac OS X. (This goes for other single instance applications as well).

You can create an AppleScript that does this for you.

  1. Start the AppleScript editor
  2. Enter the text below.
  3. Compile the script as an application.
  4. (Optional) Copy the icon from the application you're starting.

do shell script "/Applications/ -background >&/dev/null&"

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6/3/2014 3:28:03 PM  me  wrote:


7/17/2013 1:02:07 AM  miya bellamy  wrote:

what is x+1=5x-3? please help me

6/13/2012 1:26:42 PM  Jo  wrote:

Thank you, really helpful. Now just need to change the icon to normal calculator, steps: 1. click "Get info" to the original 2. click on the top left hand side calculator icon and CMD+C 3. click "Get info" on the new script 4. click on the top left hand side AppleScript icon and CMD + V That's it :)

11/3/2011 10:13:01 PM  William McCormick  wrote:

Very cool script, if you need a few calculators running at the same time. Very good for comparing totals, and different formulas used on the same set of values. Sincerely, William McCormick

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